Visa Bulletin for October 2018 Released: EB-2 Numbers Worldwide Current

The Department of State (DOS) posted the Visa Bulletin for October 2018, which provides the visa number availability for family-sponsored and employment-sponsored preference categories, as well as for the diversity visa lottery cut-offs. Applicants for immigrant visas (and adjustment of status to legal permanent residency) who have a priority date (place in line) earlier than the application date in the chart may file for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status.  USCIS has not yet announced whether it will accept adjustment of status applications based on the filing or final action date charts for October 2018.  This information can be found at

What is most significant about October 2018’s Visa Bulletin is that the EB-2 and EB-3 Worldwide categories have become current again. These categories had temporarily backlogged in September 2018. The following information is the for the final action dates chart for other employment-based visas. The EB-1 category remains backlogged and is at June 1, 2016, for China and India and April 1, 2017 for the Worldwide category. The EB-2 China category has a priority date of April 1, 2015, and India’s is at March 26, 2009. The EB-3 Worldwide category is backlogged at June 1, 2015, for China and January 1, 2009, for India.

It is not likely that the EB-1 categories will advance significantly before December 2018 or until the second quarter of FY2019.

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