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Navigating the complexities of United States immigration law requires an experienced immigration attorney. Attorney Kornfeld, Boston immigration lawyer,  ensures that her clients comply with the many restrictions placed on foreigners coming to the United States or changing immigration status while in the country. She provides proven strategies, anticipates obstacles and makes the process as smooth and fast as possible for her clients.

Attorney Kornfeld has successfully handled cases in all areas of immigration law. She helps her clients secure nonimmigrant status to work and study in the US, including:

Attorney Kornfeld also has successfully represented clients secure legal permanent residency in the US through employment and family, including:

Avoid the serious legal consequences of noncompliance with US immigration law. Contact Boston Immigration Lawyer, Monique Kornfeld.

Success Stories

Podcast: Navigating Work Authorization for International Hires and Why It's Worth It

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Host Dana Dowdell and Monique Kornfeld, Boston Immigration Lawyer, plunge into the world of visas, breaking down the H1B professional visa, the L1 intra-company transfer, the E2 investor and trader visas, and more on this podcast.

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New Green Card Immigration Process in the United States to Promote Family Unity

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently announced a new initiative aimed at promoting family unity and stability in the immigration process and providing a path to legal permanent residency (or green card status). This announcement aligns with the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to keeping families together and addresses significant challenges faced by noncitizen spouses of READ MORE