Premium Processing for Immigration Cases Expanded

Frustrated by lengthy processing times for visas and employment authorization? USCIS offers a solution, but it comes at a price and does not affect your chances of success. With premium processing, USCIS guarantees that it will take adjudicative action on your petition within a shortened time frame. That action must either be an approval notice, READ MORE

TN Status Remains for Nurses

US Customs and Border Protection (US CBP) has not changed its policy on admitting nurses as TNs (Treaty Nafta). The following is a statement from US CBP issued on March 17, 2017: U.S. Customs and Border Protection has not had any policy changes that would affect TN status. One of the most common issues CBP READ MORE

Restrictions on Third-Country National Visa Processing In Mexico

The U.S. Consular Mission in Mexico has made it more difficult for Third Country Nationals (TCNs) who are not residents of Mexico to obtain nonimmigrant visas in Mexico.  In particular, it will bar F-1 students who changed status to H-1B from obtaining an initial H-1B visa there.  The following are the specific guidelines for processing of READ MORE

USCIS Increases Period of Stay for TN Canadians and Mexicans

USCIS has increased the maximum period of stay for citizens of Canada and Mexico who work in the US as professionals pursuant to Trade-NAFTA (TN status).  The initial period and any extensions have been increased from one year to three years. TN nonimmigrant status is for citizens of Mexico and Canada with at least a READ MORE

USCIS Announces Rule to Increase TN Stay

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that it is publishing a notice to increase the maximum period of admission for Trade-NAFTA (TN) professional workers from Canada or Mexico from one year to three years, the same term of admission for H-1B specialty occupation workers. The proposed rule will also allow TN nonimmigrants to READ MORE