USCIS Issues Report on Trends in H-1B Filings

USCIS has issued a report of statistics on H-1B filings from FY2007 and FY2017, including the number of petitions filed and approved and the countries of birth, age, occupation, industry, annual compensation, and education. The FY2017 data is through June 30, 2017, and a large portion of the FY 2017 petitions are still pending as of the date of this report.

For the full year of 2016, it received 399,349 petitions and approved 348,162. For FY2017 USCIS has received 336,107 and approved 197,129 as of June 30th. Since 2007, the beneficiaries of these H-1B petitions have been overwhelmingly from India with 300,902 filed for Indian nationals out of the total 399,349. China comes in second in 2016 with 35,720 filed for its nationals. For 2016, 281,017 petitions were filed for computer related fields. Also, in 2016, the breakdown of the education of the beneficiaries was 180,777 for a bachelor’s degree, 180,961 for a master’s degree, 11,880 for a professional degree and 25,602 for a Ph.D.