Senate Compromise’s Expanded Deportation and Detention Provisions

The following is from Detention Watch Network (DWN): 

“On May 31, 2007, around the country, immigrants facing deportation under the current laws, legal experts, and community leaders will speak out against dramatically expanded deportation and detention provisions buried in the Senate “compromise” immigration legislation. Touted as the solution that brings immigrants out of the shadows, these provisions, in fact, will subject more immigrants to harsh conditions and unfair court procedures and, as a result, force more people, including legal residents, to remain hidden from view.

While there are some good provisions in the Senate bill, it is packed with unjust enforcement provisions that undercut the spirit and goals of real legalization.  The bill currently being debated on the Senate floor contains many of the same controversial provisions that were considered by last year’s Congress.  Not only do these provisions undermine the legalization program, they take away the right to a fair day in court, legalize the indefinite detention of noncitizens, dramatically increase detention beds and allow domestic military bases to be used for immigration detention, and turn local police into immigration agents.

Current immigration enforcement practices are very harsh. Already this year, thousands of families have been torn apart by raids, detentions, and deportations.  Giving more power to immigration agencies that reject responsibility for detention conditions and treatment undermines the checks-and-balances in our justice system and hurts our communities and families even more while ensuring the private prison industry locks up higher profits.  Real comprehensive immigration bill should incorporate principles of fairness, due process and the rule of law.”