Immigration Filing Fee Increases for December 2016

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a final rule with increases in filing fees for US immigrations applications and petitions.   The fee increases will take effect on December 23, 2016.  Applications mailed, postmarked or otherwise filed on or after 12/23/2016 must include the new fees.  The weighted average for the increase was 21%.

The filing fee for the Form I-485 application to adjust status increased from $985 to $1,140.  The filing fee for the Form I-130 petition for alien relative increased from $420 to $535.  With these increases, the total filing fee for one filing to adjust his or her status to legal permanent residency based on a family sponsor , including the biometrics fee of $85, is now $1,760.

Also, the filing fee for the Form N-400 to naturalize increased from $595 to $640, and with the biometrics fee of $85, the total filing fee to naturalize is now $725.