BALCA Finds One Newspaper Sufficient as Both General Circulation and Local Newspaper for PERM Labor Certification Applications

The Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals (BALCA) held that the employer’s PERM advertising in the same newspaper could satisfy the criteria of newspapers of general circulation (for the Sunday ads) and local newspapers.  Matter of Delta Search Labs, 2011-PER-02871,  4/24/2014.  In addition to the job order, two Sunday general circulation newspaper ads and the internal notice of posting, the employer must conduct three additional recruitment steps for any professional position.  Such recruitment may include local or ethnic newspapers, referral programs, college campus recruiting, private recruitment, job websites, the company’s website and radio and TV.  In this case, the employer placed two Sunday ads in the Boston Globe as an ad in the same paper during the week.  The employer chose the Globe because it was most likely to produce responses from able, willing and qualified US workers.