My path to reunite with my family was very rough. At the time, I was at my wit’s end, Monique came along. She was professional, competent and sincere. With a wealth of knowledge and up to date with the US Immigration laws, she worked very hard to walk my family and me through every step of the way with positive outcomes. I am comfortable and have had a good experience working with Monique that I would recommend her to anyone who might need an immigration attorney. She is a terrific and amazing lawyer.

— Wuntanee

National Interest Waiver and Extraordinary Ability (EB1-A) Petitions for a scientist :

Attorney Kornfeld obtained an approval of the National Interest Waiver (NIW) and the Extraordinary Ability petitions for a postdoctoral research scientist in the field of chemical genetics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Columbia University.

The scientist performed pioneering research in overcoming drug resistance in cancer cells and identifying effective cancer drugs in particular. However,  she was relatively young without a long track record. Attorney Kornfeld skillfully emphasized the scientist’s  extraordinary skill, novel research, international recognition and substantial contributions to her field.

National Interest Waiver Petition for a professor of occupational therapy:

Attorney Kornfeld obtained an approval of the National Interest Waiver (NIW) for a professor of occupational therapy at a U.S. University. The professor’s work in the fields of occupational therapy, rehabilitation sciences, and gerontology and her pioneering research in treating and preventing diseases of the elderly are of substantial intrinsic merit and provide a prospective national benefit due to the dramatic increase in health care expenditures that have been forecast as the baby boomers reach the retirement age in the next two decades.

Attorney Kornfeld skillfully focused the attention of USCIS on the professor’s unique multidisciplinary background and expertise in occupational therapy, rehabilitation sciences and gerontology to set her apart from others in her field.

Outstanding Researcher EB1-B Petition for a research scientist:

Attorney Kornfeld obtained an approval of the Outstanding Researcher Petition for a research scientist at a prestigious cancer research and treatment institute. He has made novel and significant contributions to the field of cancer therapeutics and targeted drug delivery, which has elevated him to an outstanding researcher of international standing.