Employment-based Immigrant Visas

Special Immigrant Visa Petitions

The following is a discussion of the different immigrant visa classifications that bypass the labor certification process.

Some of these do not require a job offer or employer sponsor, and the alien may self-petition.

The special immigrant visa petition called the National Interest Waiver is in the EB-2 immigrant visa category, and the Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Researcher and Multinational Executive/Manager petitions are under the EB-1 category. This distinction becomes critical if immigrant visa numbers are exhausted. Usually, the visa numbers first run out in the EB-2 category. Thus, obtaining an approval of an EB-1 immigrant visa petition is far more attractive, especially to aliens from India and China.

There are many categories of employment-based immigration visas. Attorney Monique Kornfeld will determine if one is right for you or your employee. Call 617-323-5049.